Voice Over Translation, Audio Recording and Transcription

Voice Over & Audio Recording

Delivering your message across continents
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Voice Over Translation, Audio Recording and Transcription

A professional, high-level finish to your corporate video or international eLearning package is important. Professional voice over translation services may be utilised to help you achieve the right message for your global markets.

ONCALL EUROPA works with professional voice over artists, many of whom are trained actors, to supply a high quality end recording. These sessions are conducted in a professional sound studio to deliver the best results.

ONCALL EUROPA provides voice over translation for a number of diverse scenarios including:

Car Launch


Flash Demos

Corporate Videos




Monolingual Audio Recordings*

*For Hard of Hearing

Furthermore, ONCALL EUROPA will provide document translation of your scripts or texts to save both time and money when managing your complex, multilingual projects.

ONCALL EUROPA provides more than voice over translation services! We can also transcribe recordings into the currently used language and then further translate them into the number of languages you require.

Transcription may be used to capture the thoughts and feelings of a focus group for further analysis or to create a written version of a Police Interview.

The industries in which we provide high quality, voice overs, audio recordings and transcriptions to include:



Public Service


Oil & Gas




Health & Beauty