Document Translation

Looking for cost-effective document translation with exceptional results?

Document Translation

ONCALL EUROPA utilises only the most qualified, experienced translators in Europe to ensure a high level of quality and accuracy is provided to clients.

Our document translation services include:

Certified Documentation

Content Management

Voice Over




Translation Memory

Website Conversion


Project Management

Multilingual Marketing & Desktop Publishing (DTP)

We guarantee timely, accurate, cost effective and professional document translation services. ONCALL EUROPA is equipped with the latest technology to translate and typeset documents of any size, format or font.

We are also able to provide cost savings and consistency of terminology through the use of Translation Memory and full integration with your Content Management System.

Translated materials can be provided in several ready to print design formats including QuarkXPress®, Adobe InDesign®, and Adobe Illustrator®.

Furthermore, ONCALL EUROPA provides voice over recordings and transcription services from high-level corporate videos to audio documents for the hard of hearing. These services are conducted in a professional recording studio to ensure the highest level of sound quality.

Our desktop publishing (DTP) facilities offer professional design and presentation of translated documents, prior to printing so that the formatting and design replicates the original. Additionally, we can liaise directly with your preferred printer to ensure compatibility with their systems or software.

Proofreading is provided as standard for our document translation services; however, additional proofreads are made available upon request to ensure high quality, consistent content.

ONCALL EUROPA understands that document translation requirements are occasionally urgent and we are able to work with our clients to develop streamlined workflows. We will provide a team of translators to transcribe your documents within defined timeframes.

The industries in which we provide high quality, ISO Certified document translation services include:




Oil & Gas




Health & Beauty