Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting, also known as conference interpreting, is a process that involves instantaneously listening to, comprehending, interpreting and rendering a speaker’s statements into another language. This method of interpreting is generally used (but not exclusively) in large-scale conferences. 

Simultaneous interpreters sit in a booth with a microphone and receive input from the speaker through earphones. Delegates are able to hear the interpreter speak in their language through the use of portable receivers tuned into specific language “channels”. 

Simultaneous interpreting requires an extremely high level of skill, with teams of two or more interpreters per language. The assigned professionals will work in turns, relieving each other at set intervals. This  ensures that fatigue and stress resulting from an intense level of concentration do not affect issues of quality or accuracy. 

Simultaneous Interpreters at ONCALL EUROPA are highly trained, skilled and specialised in different areas such as:




Oil & Gas




Health & Beauty

ONCALL EUROPA will also provide your simultaneous interpreting equipment for group settings,meetings and international conferences. We offer this as part of our simultaneous interpreting services to ensure your delegates receive the interpretation real-time and never miss a thing! Provided equipment includes:





PA System

Our trained technician will set the equipment up before the conference and remain on-site throughout to ensure a professional and productive event for all.

In addition to arranging conference Interpreting, ONCALL EUROPA can translate keynote addresses, programs and brochures for conference kits or websites.