Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Superior interpreters and state of the art equipment

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

With Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment available from ONCALL EUROPA, delegates are able to listen to their chosen language using headphones or earpieces in comfort, and are free to move about unrestricted by wires.

Our Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment takes a speaker’s voice, andtransmits the speech to the delegates (via an interpreter) in their native language via our distortion-free infrared light for up to 32 languages at a time. Additionally, the system can be used to provide facilities for the hard of hearing on any or all channels, as well as outputs for recording and external audio.

By using the relay switch on the front of each simultaneous interpreting console, the interpreter can choose to listen to either the original audio or another interpreted channel. Consoles with chip-card readers may also be provided. These consoles allow each interpreter to take their personal settings with them to whichever console they use. Our simultaneous interpreting equipment offers these among other benefits:

Reliable, high quality, secure broadcasts

Robust infrared receivers with comfortable, lightweight delegate headsets

Daylight receivers capable of working in natural light conditions

Systems for up to 32 languages can be provided

ONCALL EUROPA will provide a complete simultaneous interpreting solution for your event, including:





PA System

Our trained technician will set up the required equipment before the conference and remain on-site throughout to ensure a professional, productive event for all.

ONCALL EUROPA has a database of thousands of highly experienced interpreters worldwide to ensure your event remains truly global.

In selecting ONCALL EUROPA you will not only gain access to the finest interpreters and translators available, but also the professional backup of a company with years of proven experience. We can offer a complete conference interpreting solution with everything you need to have a successful event!