Public Service Interpreting and Translation

Public Service Interpreting and Translation


Public Service Interpreting and Translation

ONCALL EUROPA can provide Public Service interpreters throughout Belgium for a number of  subject areas including police interrogations, meetings between clients and lawyers, or trials to provide high quality interpretation of:

The Detention Order

The Indictment


The Judgement

Different levels of access to public service interpreting and translation assistance have been experienced in Belgium. These huge variations in quality have lead to wasted time and money for the Belgian Justice system with the result often being miscarriages of justice.

ONCALL EUROPA provides standardisation in all areas of public service interpreting and translation in over 230 languages. This broad spectrum of experience combined with a dedication to absolute accuracy guarantees the highest quality for the Justice system while delivering significant time and money savings.

Public Service Interpreting Quality Management

All interpreters registered with ONCALL EUROPA have undergone strict, rigorous recruitment procedures including reference checks, qualification checks and police checks. Our professionals are sworn as well as subject to continuing professional development. For the Belgian Justice system, this provides reassurance that the received high level of public service interpreting is standard, regardless of region or language.

Our Booking Process

With the current system, the Court Clerk may have to call several interpreters to check availability. This takes their time away from important legal activities, often with little knowledge about the level of quality they may receive.

With one call to ONCALL EUROPA, we take care of the process to ensure you receive the most qualified public services interpreting professionals for your specific needs! We contact interpreters from our extensive database to guarantee the allocation of an appropriately qualified and experienced interpreter. As a result, the Court Clerk and ultimately the Belgian Justice system save time and money.

Our Translation Process

Translation of essential documents is equally important to not only guarantee compliance with the EU Directive, but also that defendants and victims understand all legal proceedings.

ONCALL EUROPA utilises Sworn translators and follows strict security procedures to ensure the contents of highly sensitive public service documents remains secure at all times.