Pharmaceutical Interpreting and Translation

Pharmaceutical Interpreting and Translation

Pharmaceutical Interpreting and Translation

A translation error in the pharmaceutical industry can have huge detrimental effects. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an Interpreting and Translation partner who understands the importance of accuracy in this demanding industry.

ONCALL EUROPA has in-depth knowledge and expertise of working within the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences sector. We are able to provide tailored pharmaceutical interpreting and translationsolutions, as developments such as the introduction of new medical devices, changing compliance requirements, introduction of new drugs and implementation of clinical trials continue within the industry.

Furthermore, all of our pharmaceutical interpreters and translators are fully qualified experts in their field, so you can be certain the appropriate terminology will be used in such areas as:


Drug Approval/Manufacturing

Medical Devices

Contract Research


Pharmaceutical Translation Process

At ONCALL EUROPA, our highly experienced Project Management team is adept at managing large, complex projects in multiple languages. They understand the importance of selecting the right team of pharmaceutical translation experts and will build tailored workflows around you.

Our experts remain up to date with the latest procedures and regulations from organisations such as the EMA, FDA, MHRA and MHLW. You can rest assured that the assigned professionals know your business and will provide the most appropriate, highest level of service.

Pharmaceutical Interpreters

ONCALL EUROPA also provides simultaneous interpreting solutions for large, multilingual events such as clinical trials, introduction of new drugs etc. Thanks to our global database of interpreters, we are able to frequently provide locally based, highly experienced interpreters for your Pharmaceutical event. We can provide the required Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment as well!

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL EUROPA provides interpreting and translation solutions in a wide range of pharmaceutical fields including:


Manuals, Installation, Maintenance, User

Product/System Specifications

Websites, Intranets & Extranets

Regulatory Documentation

Operating Guides

Packaging & Labelling

Product Catalogs



eLearning Modules


Pro/ePro Instruments & Scales

Pharmaco vigilance Material/SAE Reports

Regulatory Documentation

Content for IVR & IWR systems

Clinical Protocols &related amendments (phases 1,2,3)

Subject Diaries

Case Report Forms

Medical Forms/Records

Quality of Life Questionnaires



User Guides



Marketing Authorisation Submissions

Patient Safety Documentation

Service & Operator Manuals


Clinical Agreements

Product Labels, Inserts & Packaging

Submissions to Ethics Committees

QRD/Product Information Documentation