Legal Interpreting and Translation

Legal Interpreting and Translation

We understand the importance of accurately conveying complex legal information

Legal Interpreting and Translation

Speed and accuracy are paramount…

When working with legal documentation accuracy is paramount, but deadlines are tight. Suppliers working for professionals in this industry must be able to respond to change quickly with efficiency and handle urgent requests at short notice.

ONCALL EUROPA has in-depth knowledge and expertise of working with legal professionals. We have years of experience in providing accurate and certified legal translation services in over 150 languages, often within the same day or overnight. This allows legal professionals to provide an efficient, high level of service to their clients.

Furthermore, each of our interpreters and translators are fully qualified experts in their field, so you can be certain the appropriate legal terminology will be used.

Legal Translation Process

Upon receiving your request, a dedicated Project Manager will verify that a member of our qualified, experienced legal translation team is available to undertake the work. They will quickly provide you with a quote and turnaround time based on the given requirements. The file is then sent securely to the translator to complete the translation.

Before sending the file back, your translated document is subject to a proofread from a second, independent translator as well as a final examination by the Project Manager to ensure formatting replicates the original.

Legal Translation Certifications

At ONCALL EUROPA, we understand the importance of certifying your legal translations for use in Court in Belgium or abroad. Therefore we are able to offer the following certifications:



Affidavit before a Solicitor

Company Stamped Certification

Translators Certificate

Our Legal Interpreting Process

Upon receiving your request, a dedicated Project Manager will verify that a member of our qualified, experienced legal interpreting team is available to attend at the required time and location. They will then quickly provide you with a quote based on this information.

Our interpreters arrive promptly at least 20 minutes before the start of the event or at the specified time and can come directly to your office, the Court, Police Station etc.

ONCALL EUROPA interpreters are not only police checked, but have also signed confidentiality and impartiality agreements.

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL EUROPA provides interpreters and translators experienced in a wide range of legal translation fields including:



Criminal Law

Tax Law


Copyright & Licensing

Property Law

Intellectual Property

Legal Transcripts

Family Law