About Us

Bridging the language gap for more than 30 years

About Us

ONCALL Interpreters & Translators is a world leader in quality interpreting and translation service. 

Established in 1984, ONCALL manages a comprehensive panel of over 4,500 qualified interpreters and translators in 150 languages. Each year our organisation translates hundreds of thousands of words and provides simultaneous interpreting services at major international conferences worldwide.

Based in Brussels, ONCALL EUROPA is the European branch and is just a stone’s throw from the European institutions and international organisations. ONCALL EUROPA is best placed to offer local expertise on an international scale.

With an outstanding reputation for excellence and integrity, ONCALL EUROPA offers a full range of services for both public and private sector clients.

Our Expertise

ONCALL EUROPA is supported by an experienced and enthusiastic team, dedicated to excellence in recruitment, training and customer service.

We regularly monitor the performance of all interpreters and translators working with us, along with a focus on continual training and professional development.

In selecting ONCALL EUROPA, you will have access to the finest interpreters and translators available as well as the professional back-up of an agency with a proven track record in full management of all your conference interpretation and translations needs.

With the unique capacity to work in coordination with our national and international offices, ONCALL EUROPA is able to liaise between client and translator regardless of location and provide a fast turnaround service on an urgency basis.


Our Interpreters and Translators

At ONCALL EUROPA we provide interpreting and translation services in over 150 languages with a particular focus on European languages.Our local interpreters and translators are fully qualified and accredited to national standards with specialisms and qualifications to suit the varying needs of our clients.

In the Broader European Region, ONCALL EUROPA has selected the finest interpreters, many of whom are accredited by various institutions such as the UN, NATO and the EU.

For new and emerging languages not tested by certifying authorities, ONCALL EUROPA liaises with tertiary institutions, ethnic communities and other organisations to recruit suitable panel members.


Our Vision


To provide our clients with an unrivalled high level of service quality within the language management services industry, whilst maintaining suitable working standards for our translators and interpreters.