Monash University Symposium

Monash University Symposium

Human Rights interpreter training


On 1-2 April 2016, Monash University in Melbourne will hold an International Symposium on Interpreter Training and Humanitarian Interpreting looking at the challenges and difficulties faced when interpreting in conflict zones. The event will be co-sponsored by ONCALL and Monash University and is intended not just for interpreters but also practitioners, trainers, researchers, representatives of NGOs and stakeholders from all industries and sectors. Interpreting in a Human Rights setting is an area close to the heart of ONCALL, holding many social care interpreting contracts as well as providing conference interpreting in Brussels for the 16th & 17th EU NGO Human Rights Forum in 2014 & 2015 and for the European Institute for Gender Equality in November 2015.

For further information click here: Monash Symposium

Published: 08-Mar-16; Alex Fairie